I decided to start a blog to share the struggles and triumphs of being a single mother of twins. Although becoming increasingly common, multiple births are still a rare blessing.  A blessing that leaves the world as you knew it a glinting memory and brings a new world of double the work, double the chaos, double the stress, but double the love and joy!

Even more rare than a mother of twins is the mother who does it all on her own!  It’s rare, yes, but after reading various forum posts online, I do know that I am not alone!  There are quite a few woman out there doing the double duty of child raising and doing it solo!  So I decided to share my experiences as my children and I grow together in our crazy little family where the parent:child ratio is reversed from the norm!

I am going to be posting every week on Mondays.  Please be patient if I am ever delayed… time is a very rare commodity for the single mother of twins!

How I Chose Their Blog Names

As with most blogging mommies, the names of the children in this blog have been changed to protect their identity.  Most bloggers simply use their child’s first initial, but since my twins have the same initial, this is not an effective choice for me.

The night that I was entertaining the notion of starting a blog, our bedtime bible story was of Rebecca and Isaac’s twin sons, Esau and Jacob.  Esau, being the first born, was red and hairy when he was born.  Although both my boys were red and hairy when they were born, my firstborn’s name for the purposes of blogging is Esau (shown on the right in the header photo.)  Jacob was born one minute after Esau, which is truly fitting since my younger twin was also born one minute after his brother!   Therefore his blog name is Jacob (Shown on the left in the header photo.)

In the biblical story, Esau was favoured by their father and Jacob their mother.  Although I have never favoured a child, when the twins were first born, they did each gravitate and respond better to a different parent.  Like the biblical twins, my boys could not be more different from one another.  They each have their own very unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses that give them their own amazing identities.  Therefore, I found it the perfect names to coin them for my blog.


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